How Can I Learn Digital Marketing for Free

How Can I Learn Digital Marketing for Free?

If you’re planning to jumpstart your career into the creative and complex world of digital marketing, the best time is NOW. Because nowadays, may it be social media, search engines, websites, or even e-mails, they’re actually all over the world and there’s basically no way of getting away from it all. So why not learn from them that run away?

But first, here are a few things you can tick off your digital career checklist –

1. If you want to learn digital marketing, you have to understand its entirety. Digital marketing is one of the most challenging yet exciting and fast-paced industry, so you really have to be prepared for a career that will definitely keep you on your toes for DAYS. You have to understand that it’s broad – it ranges from content strategizing to graphic designing and web or app development and everything between all these. If you want to learn digital marketing, you have to the objective of using one channel to another.

2. Stay updated or forget about your digital marketing dreams. This industry is more than just your usual social media channels. But now that you understand that its entirety, you also need to be on top of it because things move fast in the digital world and you need to keep

3. Know your skills. As a digital marketer, here’s a set of skills you need to acquire to conquer the digital world:

a. SEO
b. Social Media Marketing
c. Graphics Design
d. E-mail marketing
e. Pay Per Click
f. Coding
g. Digital Analytics
h. Voice Search
i. Augmented Reality
j. A/B Testing

4. You must be eager to learn. We all know Digital Marketing is broad. It’s huge. It’s complex. But its complexity makes it more interesting and exciting. So it’s important that you are 101% determined to conquer every aspect of it.

5. Get ready to make mistakes. The most successful digital marketers are those who failed countless times. The irony, huh? As I said, this industry is rapidly changing and you always need to get the hang of it. Either you let go and forget about your dreams or you hold on and use your mistakes to improve your works. At this age, new learnings and knowledge are just a few clicks away. And some don’t even require you to pay even a just a dollar. So if you’re asking if you can learn digital marketing for FREE then the answer is YES, YOU DEFINITELY CAN.


1. One way is to join FREE online digital courses. To learn the fundamentals, you can take crash courses online and learn from the expert themselves. Here are some sites you can score free courses:

a. Hubspot
b. Coursera
c. Google Online Marketing Challenge
d. Udemy
e. Social Media Quickstarter
f. PPC University

2. If online courses aren’t your thing, you can also watch YouTube videos for self-paced training. It’s a channel not only for entertainment but also for knowledge. Plus, you can watch it anytime, anywhere with any device. Without fee. Easy peasy, huh? Here are some channels you can follow:

a. Gary Vaynerchuk
b. SEMRush
c. Neil Patel
d. Kimberly Ann Jimenez
e. Jay Baer
f. Digital Marketing Institute
g. WsCube Tech
h. Jon Loomer Digital

3. Another thing you can do is to blog. Find something you’re passionate about and blog about it and then you’ll learn from it. What better way to learn something. For starters, you can also follow these amazing blogs:

a. Neil Patel Blog
b. Kissmetrics
c. The Moz Blog

4. If you’re not into videos, then why not try podcasts? Tune-in to free digital marketing podcasts and be provided from the fundamentals to the latest strategies there is. What’s good with podcasts is, you can listen while doing other things. Multi-tasking! Feel free to check out these marketing podcasts:

a. I Love Marketing by Dean Jackson and Joe Polish
b. Marketing Over Coffee by John J. Wall and Christopher S. Penn
c. The Science of Social Media
d. Startups for the Rest of Us by Mike Taber and Rob Walling

5. Books are definitely the best way to learn. Classic, huh? So why not pay a visit to your public library or download free e-books to enhance your knowledge in digital marketing. The cool thing about this industry is that people are willing and ready to share what they know for
free so why not take advantage of it?

Now, you’ve got no more excuses. We’ve provided you the basics of what you need to know if you want to pursue a career in digital marketing. So, what are you waiting for? Welcome to the Digital Marketing World. You’re in for a ride. Ready to buckle up?